2018 Season Preview: Adams Opens at World Sprint Car Championship

REYNOLDS, N.D. (April 25, 2018) – FINALLY. The 2018 season is upon us and it’s time to go racing. Jordan Adams and the Home of Economy / DEKALB® No. 20A team is ready to hit the ground running and has another big season lined up.

“Our 2018 schedule will comprise mostly of River Cities Speedway and the NOSA tour,” Jordan said. “We are a farming family, so our schedule varies on what we are able to do throughout the summer. If there is any downtime where we are free, we might sneak off to a new track.”

Jordan’s 2017 season was highlighted by his second career NOSA win which took place at Jamestown Speedway. Despite missing the final two weekends of action due to a wreck at River Cities, Jordan still managed to finish sixth in the NOSA points and seventh in the River Cities Speedway track points.

Last season was another step forward for Jordan and he’s looking to continue that trend again in 2018.

“Looking back at the past seasons, my goals are ramping up every year which is a good thing,” he said. “We’ve been really consistent for the most part and our finishing positions seem to be improving, so hopefully this year that continues to happen.”

Jordan’s 2018 season will open at one of Sprint Car racing’s highest paying events; the first annual World Sprint Car Championship at Mansfield Motor Speedway in Mansfield, Ohio. The top Sprint Car drivers in the world will be competing this Friday and Saturday for the $100,000 check.

“I’m really excited to open the year at the Sprint Car World Championship at Mansfield,” Jordan said. “I haven’t been in a race car since my wreck back in September of last year so I am nervous, excited, all of the above to get back going. However, it’s an awesome opportunity to race with a bunch of great guys and get back into the routine of things before we get back rolling around home. If we can turn some quality laps and keep our nose clean, I will be happy whatever our result is in Mansfield as it’s a good tuneup with some stout competition.

“Thanks to all my awesome partners for coming on board with me and allowing me to keep on pursuing my dream as well as the boys that do all the work behind the scenes,” concluded Jordan. “I’m excited to see what we will accomplish in 2018!”

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