Mullen Collects Buffalo River Race Park Win

By Mike Spieker

GLYNDON, Minn. (June 4, 2018) – Saturday night’s races at Greenbush Race Park were canceled due to rain, which left just Buffalo River Race Park on the weekend’s schedule.

Heat race wins went to Zak Kwiatkoski and Presley Truedson to start the night.

Dylan Herman and Jason Berg brought the field of 10 cars to the green flag for the main event.

Berg grabbed the lead at the drop of the green flag as Josh Abrahamson moved into second. Abrahamson moved by Berg for the lead on lap three, but he quickly had his hands full with 10th place starter, Brendan Mullen.

Mullen stole the lead from Abrahamson on lap six, but Abrahamson battled back on the high side. Abrahamson threatened to reclaim the lead, but Mullen fended off the charge.

Presley Truedson, who was making her 2018 BRRP debut, closed in on Mullen in second place with five laps to go. Truedson got to within two car lengths of Mullen, but Mullen was better in lapped traffic which allowed him to secure the win.

Truedson, Abrahamson, Kelsi Pederson and Dexter Dvergsten rounded out the top five.

Feature: 1. 11M-Brendan Mullen, [10]; 2. 2-Presley Truedson, [8]; 3. 16-Josh Abrahamson, [6]; 4. 93-Kelsi Pederson, [7]; 5. 11-Dexter Dvergsten, [9]; 6. 100-Jason Berg, [2]; 7. 17K-Zachary Kwiatkoski, [5]; 8. 40-Lawrence Veralrud, [3]; 9. 22-Dylan Herman, [1]; 10. (DNF) 14T-Tim Estenson, [4]
Heat 1: 1. 17K-Zachary Kwiatkoski, [3]; 2. 11-Dexter Dvergsten, [5]; 3. 93-Kelsi Pederson, [4]; 4. 40-Lawrence Veralrud, [2]; 5. 22-Dylan Herman, [1]
Heat 2: 1. 2-Presley Truedson, [4]; 2. 11M-Brendan Mullen, [5]; 3. 16-Josh Abrahamson, [3]; 4. 14T-Tim Estenson, [2]; 5. 100-Jason Berg, [1]

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