Weiss Claims First NLRA Win of 2018 at River Cities


By Mike Spieker

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (June 15, 2018) – A stout field of 21 NLRA Late Models were on hand Friday night at River Cities Speedway as they co-headlined the night with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series. The event marked the second tour date of the season for the NLRA. 

Travis Robertson and Donny Schatz led the field to the green flag in front of a capacity crowd. Robertson grabbed the lead over the nine-time and defending World of Outlaws champion. Robertson opened up his lead over Schatz and defending NLRA champion, Ricky Weiss, by lap three as Shane Edginton ran in fourth.

Robertson suffered a push in turn four on lap four, which opened up the door for Schatz and Weiss. They ran three wide for the lead exiting the corner with Schatz leading at the line. The lead trio ran three wide again in turns one and two as Robertson powered back by to take the lead.

On the following circuit, Robertson dropped his right rear off the embankment as Bill Mooney entered into the mix. Schatz and Weiss ran side by side as Mooney nearly went fourth to the lead in one corner. Schatz, Weiss and Mooney raced three wide down the back stretch before Weiss slid in front of both drivers to take sole possession of the lead.

Following a restart, Weiss and Schatz broke away from the rest of the field.

With five to go, Dustin Strand was the man on the move. Strand drove by Robertson and Mooney in one lap to take the third position as he set his sights on Schatz for second.

On the final restart, Strand got by Schatz in turns one and two, but he wasn’t able to reel in Weiss in the closing stages.

Weiss took the win over Strand, Mike Balcaen, Mooney and Schatz.


NLRA Late Models:
Feature (25 Laps): 1. 7W-Ricky Weiss, 17:22.260[4]; 2. 71-Dustin Strand, 17:23.687[6]; 3. 10-Mike Balcaen, 17:24.136[12]; 4. 2-Bill Mooney, 17:24.831[8]; 5. 15-Donny Schatz, 17:24.991[1]; 6. 7P-Joey Pederson, 17:25.227[11]; 7. 1R-Travis Robertson, 17:26.054[2]; 8. 4C-Ryan Corbett, 17:27.042[5]; 9. 12S-Brad Seng, 17:27.321[9]; 10. 6M-Jeffrey Massingill, 17:27.778[14]; 11. T1-Tom Corcoran, 17:28.101[16]; 12. 4-Shane Edginton, 17:28.525[3]; 13. 00-Robert Bladow, 17:31.367[15]; 14. 06-David Smith, 17:28.989[13]; 15. 15S-Cody Storbakken, 17:30.766[17]; 16. 14-Brody Troftgruben, 17:31.000[18]; 17. 86-Matthew Smith, 17:29.591[22]; 18. 70-Jesse Teunis, 17:33.739[20]; 19. (DNF) F9-Brandon Fuller, 14:35.435[10]; 20. (DNF) 1M-Nicholas Minske, 10:22.562[19]; 21. (DNF) 11-Troy Schill, 10:14.684[7]; (DNS) 9-Steve Anderson, 10:22.562

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 1R-Travis Robertson, 03:47.512[4]; 2. 71-Dustin Strand, 03:48.116[7]; 3. 11-Troy Schill, 03:48.831[1]; 4. F9-Brandon Fuller, 03:49.306[3]; 5. 06-David Smith, 03:50.072[2]; 6. T1-Tom Corcoran, 03:50.401[5]; 7. 1M-Nicholas Minske, 03:50.736[6]; 8. 86-Matthew Smith, 03:51.000[8]
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 4-Shane Edginton, 01:45.753[1]; 2. 4C-Ryan Corbett, 01:47.962[3]; 3. 12S-Brad Seng, 01:49.137[5]; 4. 7P-Joey Pederson, 01:50.123[6]; 5. 6M-Jeffrey Massingill, 01:55.682[7]; 6. 15S-Cody Storbakken, 01:51.918[2]; 7. 70-Jesse Teunis, 01:55.682[4]
Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 15-Donny Schatz, 02:13.598[2]; 2. 7W-Ricky Weiss, 02:13.598[4]; 3. 2-Bill Mooney, 02:13.598[3]; 4. 10-Mike Balcaen, 01:53.404[5]; 5. 00-Robert Bladow, 01:55.435[1]; 6. 14-Brody Troftgruben, 01:59.429[6]; 7. 9-Steve Anderson, 02:13.598[7]

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