A trip to victory lane and a podium finish for Seng’s double-header weekend

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GRAND FORKS, N.D. (August 4, 2020) – Though Brad Seng and the No. 12S Schill Construction team has been strong all year, this past weekend has been the strongest of the season yet. Seng was in competition Thursday and Friday of this past weekend, scoring a win and a second place finish.

The NLRA Late models returned to Thursday night thunder at Norman County Raceway for the first time since 2017. Seng finished fourth in that event but had his goals set higher this time around. Seng was on the move all night long, moving from the seventh starting spot in his heat to third. He lined up ninth in the feature to the inside of Pat Doar for the 25-lap, 22-car feature. 

On the green flag lap, Seng used the low side to squeeze by two cars racing for position, quickly moving him up to seventh. However, the caution flew for a car off the top of turn two to restack the field after one completed lap. With the majority of the leaders running the low side in front of him, Seng jumped to the middle groove and made it work. A caution flew on lap 20, but not before Seng improved another position.

On the restart, Seng began using the preferred low line and as the battle for the lead ensued, he took advantage and began picking up positions. On lap eight, the leader pulled off with an apparent mechanical failure which moved Seng up to fourth, still battling with Doar. Seng stayed true to the bottom and rocketed past Doar down the backstretch and then set his sights on second place runner Ryan Mikkelson. As Seng came up to challenge for second, a car pulled off the racing surface but was in need of assistance so the caution flew once more at the halfway point.

On the restart, Seng cleared Mikkelson and took charge of that spot. He chased Dustin Strand the rest of the laps, but was unable to ever reel him in. He finished the night at Norman County Raceway with an impressive second place run.

The S&S TRANSPORT/Broken Drum team used that momentum going into their hometrack at River Cities Speedway the following night. Again Seng raced his way through his heat starting near the back to pick up the heat race win.

With three feature wins in a row, a bounty was put on Dustin Strand, giving an added bonus to the feature winner. Lining up fifth on the grid for the feature, Seng wasted no time getting to the front.

Bryce Sward and Zach Naastad led the full field to the green flag for 25 laps. Sward took the early lead, however, three laps into the feature, a caution flew for a car spun in turn four which took away the advantage Sward had built. Dave Mass and Brad Seng began running the highside to catch the leader, and it worked. The battle between Sward and Mass for the lead allowed Seng to close in on the pair. Seng used the middle groove to surpass the leader and quickly built an advantage.

Seng caught lapped traffic 11 laps into the race, but it would not hinder his progress. Seng went on to pick up his 39th career victory and collected the bounty as well as give him a nine point advantage in track points. 

“[The car was] flawless. I mean Greg, and Tanner, and myself kind of put our heads together and made a couple little adjustments, and it worked well for us,” said Seng in RydellCars.com Victory Lane.

Brad will be back in action this Friday and The Bullring. The next NLRA Late Models scheduled event is August 15th at Greenbush Race Park. Catch all the action from Grand Forks on rivercitiesspeedway.tv.

2020 Stats:
Races: 12
Wins: 3
Top Fives: 10
Top Tens: 10

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